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Retired former colleagues of GE Medical Systems

Bulletin Board Connect

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Basically here is how it works.

When you click the bulletin board Connect button you are connected to the board in a new browser window where you can login, or if not yet registered you can apply for registeration. New applications are authenticated by the board admin that essentially gives you the OK to make new posts or reply to existing ones. It may take a while to authenticate you so please be patient.

At this time we permit anonymous browsing of the board so don't post anything, such as your email address, that could be grabbed by bots - if you post your email address in a message on the board, that is an invitation to attract spam.

From time to time, especially in periods when the bulletin board experiences  mutiple applications from machines or people who do not qualify for membership, we turn off the registration process. If you are a genuine applicant and you do not see the Register control after you click the Conect button you can use the contact form and we will get you going. Thanks for your patience.


We do not give out or otherwise share the contact details of our members.

Be informed!

If you experience a problem getting access to the bulletin board just use our contact form and we will try and sort it out.